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This community hasn't been active for a while, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to pimp another community that I'm loving at the moment: crimeland!

Do you like Criminal Minds? Do you like puzzles? Drabble and graphic challenges? Other fun stuff?

Then you should join crimeland! It's a Criminal Minds land comm. You join one of four teams (Garcia, JJ, Morgan, Reid) and then participate in different challenges and earn points for your team. I'm a member of Team Reid (because MGG is my hero!). If you join, please mention me (kaaatie of Team Reid) as your referrer. Thanks!
Charlie Company

SGA : Sam Carter (Promo Shot S4)

Hi everybody!!  Here I am with another claim! :)

Your username: moebius_2 
Image URL: (I freaking love this picture!!!)
Show (SGA, SG1, Movie): SGA
Who is in the picture? Samantha Carter
Type of picture: (e.g. screencap, promo shot, fanart) Promo Shot
Season / Episode: (if applicable) Season 4
Work Safe & Spoiler Free? Is work safe, but may contain spoilers if you haven't been paying attention to anything Stargate-related over the summer...(Basically if you consider a change in hairstyle and uniform spoilery, then don't look...)
Anything else? Don't think so... I'm glad to be back!

You'll find it at my lj, following this oh so very fake cut... :)