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10 Variations of Stargate
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The Challenge:
The aim of this challenge is to choose one image, and then use that image to make 10 different icons. This community is here for you to claim your pics, post your completed icon sets and be added to the hall of fame.

It is based upon 10variations, with the main difference that all of the claims in this community must be related to Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis or the movie).

The original image has to be recognisable in every icon, and your icons will have to differ from each other visibly in cropping or style (for example, you cannot make just one icon, and then change small things like the colouring or text to make the 10 icons). Aside from that, there are some restrictions that apply to each icon.

01. In the first icon you have to use the original image unresized.
02. In the second icon you have to rotate the original image.
03. In the third icon you have to desaturate the original image (unless it's already b/w).
04. In the fourth icon you have to mirror the original image either horizontally or vertically.
05. In the fifth icon you have to use the original image at least twice noticeably.
06. In the sixth icon you have to alter the color of the original image (b/w images have to be colored in, color images may be desaturated).
07. In the seventh icon you have to be able to see the whole original image.
08. In the eighth icon you have to use at least one texture or stock image.
09. In the ninth icon you have to use only the original image (use no text, brushes, gradients or other images). Adjustment layers and layer effects are allowed.
10. In the tenth icon you have to make the two sides of the icon differ in length (ie no square).

All icons must meet the usual LJ icon restrictions.

There are also some restrictions on the image that you select:
- It must be at least 250 pixels x 120 pixels (It is recommended that the image is more than 200x300 pixels)

- If the longer side of the image is larger than 2000 pixels you may resize it to 1500 pixels

- It can be black & white or color

- The image should not be altered before you start iconing, except for maybe adjusting the contrast/saturation and resizing it as stated above

- You can use screencaps, images from promotional materials, 'candid' shots of the actors, or fanart (if you have express permission from the artist).

You have 10 days to make the icons. All of them must be new and created specifically for this challenge.

How to make a claim:
If you want to submit a claim, please:
- Comment here with a link to your image (uploaded to an image hosting service [ie imageshack] or personal server) and a description of the image
- Join the community.
- Wait to be approved.

Once you have been approved you have 10 days to complete your set of icons and post them in the community. Please make sure that every icon meets the restrictions as outlined above. If you are unsure about a rule, please do not hesitate to ask.

How to post your icons:
When posting the icons you are asked to use the following format:

Please make the subject of your post Show: Subject
You have been assigned these when your claim was approved. For posting examples check out the other posts in this community. Please also include the following claim information in your post outside of any cuts.

All icons must be posted together in one post. Please use LJ-cuts with either the first two icons outside of the cut, or a thumbnail of the original image.

Once you've completed your icons:
Once you have posted your completed set of icons you need to reply to the completed list with the following information:

You will then receive a banner (if you want one) and be added to the hall of fame. Feel free to apply again with a different image, there's no limit!

Other Stuff:
This community is run by kaaatie. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at my journal or by email. Thanks to mklutz for the community name suggestion, and to 10variations, as I have shamelessly used most of their rules and information!

If you want to snag icons you've seen here, credit is required unless the icon maker clearly states otherwise in his/her post. In addition, please do not hotlink any of the icons and pictures you find here. Comments are very appreciated to let the icon maker know that you like their work. Please remain friendly at all times, no bashing of persons or icons will be tolerated.


If you want to affiliate with us, please reply here.